Mazeglaser 1.0 is out!

I hope it works. If it does, have fun with it. I'm pretty much testing my publishing skills, please be mad, if the game does not properly work, because you missing out a great deal of 2d adventuring. I actually made this game 10 years ago for a gamejam. Recently I dusted the codebase, tried my luck on the infamous Steam Greenlight. I got 80 something 'lel-why-not' and 300 'clipart the game.. nope'.  I didn't had much idea, how to improve the game, got totally stuck in a limbo. Then I remembered an article how the movement is made in the original Prince of Persia with rotoscoping, so I got to work. Plus I added some jaggedness to the tilemap, and 'viola', a new look is born.

Please give my game a try and leave some feedback, how it went. ;)


Mazeglaser32bit full setup.exe 28 MB
Aug 23, 2017

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